Boxing Session
Boxing Session

Image by Andrew Itaga
Image by Andrew Itaga

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Image by Jannik Skorna

Boxing Session
Boxing Session


Safeguarding in Sport in Africa

Non-Accidental Harm

Non-accidental harms are defined as any unwelcome sexual harassment and/or abuse, financial abuse, bullying and emotional abuse, hazing, neglect, physical abuse and child exploitation.

Non-accidental harms undermine both the mental and physical health of the athlete and the integrity of sport.


The situation regarding human rights in Africa  is generally reported to be poor and there are high levels of violence reported against women, children and other vulnerable adults. If sport reflects society it is reasonable to assume that there are also high levels of violence taking place in sport in Africa.


Safe Sport Africa is committed to the international effort to prevent and respond to this violence as part of the global effort to uphold and protect sporting values.

You will soon be able to donate to Safe Sport Africa.

Safe Sport Africa is a network of individuals and organisations that recognise the importance of safeguarding in sport.


Join us today.

To raise awareness in Africa of the need for safeguarding in sport and to advocate for the adoption of best practice by all sports organisations on the continent.

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