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Call for Evidence & Insight; Advancing knowledge on child sexual & emotional abuse in elite sport

Safe Sport International would like to invite your participation as an important contributor in a project to help prevent child sexual and emotional abuse for children and adolescents in elite sport. Background Millions of children and young people take part in sporting activities every day across the world. For some children this is purely for recreation and fun. Some of these children will go on to perform at the elite level. Recent high profile cases and a growing body of research evidence demonstrates that elite sport can be a context in which children experience sexual and emotional abuse. Objective Safe Sport International (SSI) has been commissioned by Oak Foundation to conduct a status quo report Identify key researchers, possible intersections and make recommendations for the future. Our specific objective is to scan and summarise findings from multiple fields to prevent child sexual and emotional abuse for children and adolescents in elite sport. Consultation We are engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to inform this project. This includes:

  • Athletes, including people with lived experience of abuse

  • Researchers, including those working in child safeguarding, sport performance, child wellbeing, organisational behaviour theory, offender studies

  • Practitioners who work in child safeguarding roles in elite sport and other fields

  • Decision makers working in elite sport

  • Representatives of advocacy, human rights and survivors’ (experts with lived experience of abuse) groups


  • We are seeking your perspective on 4 key topics:

  • What recommendations would you make to prevent sexual and emotional abuse in elite sport?

  • How can we impact future practice?

  • Who are the experts in this field?

  • What are the different perspectives which are relevant in this field?

  • Any other comments you would like to add.

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